Choosing your home or business location

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, and choosing the right one for you is one of the most important decisions.  The same applies to choosing a premises for you business.

We want to ensure we know what energy our home will have, to make sure it will support us and to know how it'll make us feel to live or work there. 


Find out in advance what Feng Shui the property you're hoping to buy or rent has, and avoid any nasty surprises before it's too late. 

How it works

  1. Get in touch with us

  2. We organise a call to explain the process in detail and get all your question answered. During this call I'll ask you a few questions about the house or business you're thinking of buying or renting. 

  3. The price of your Feng Shui study will depend on several factors such as buildign size.

  4. Based on the above, we'll send you the quote.

  5. If you decide to progress with your before buying/renting Feng Shui report, we'll provide you with a submission date.

  6. After submitting your report, we will be available to answer all your questions.




We offer free online consultations