Feng Shui by Room

Feng Shui can be applied to a particular room in your home.


Perhaps you feel there is an area in your home that just doesn't "feel right", or there's something in your life that's missing. Perhaps despite of working really hard, money is not flowing in the way it should. Or maybe there have been a lot of arguments in the house lately. Or someone is the family is not sleeping well.

Or even you are renovating or extending an area of your house and you'd like it to have good Feng Shui. 


Whatever the reason, we can help. 

How it works

  1. Get in touch with us

  2. We organise a call to explain the process in detail and get all your question answered. During this call I'll ask you a few questions about your house. 

  3. The price of the Feng Shui study for one room will depend on whether it is done for a space under construction or if it's already built.

  4. Based on the above, a few days later we'll send you the quote.

  5. If you decide to progress with the Feng Shui study for your room, we'll provide you with a submission date.

  6. After submitting your report, we will arrange a call with you to go over it in detail and you can ask us all your questions. 
    Afterwards we will be available to answer all your questions, and of course we will want to hear about all the changes that you are noticing.


We offer free online consultations